Spores x ChainGuardians: Sonya The Mecha-Princess NFT Collection Sale

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3 min readJan 12, 2022

Consider yourself a diehard fan of action and strategy games where magic and technology concepts are blended in perfect harmony? If so, don’t miss your opportunity to own ChainGuardians’ exclusive NFT, Sonya Mecha-Princess, and join the fight to defend the Cryptoverse!

ChainGuardians is a player-driven platform that combines traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technologies. Unique digital collectibles of guardians will be released as part of the ChainGuardians ecosystem where players can participate in their free-to-play NFT Mining platform and Role-Playing Game — both of which allow players to earn income and tangible rewards.

Associated with the ChainGuardians platform are a host of benefits and principles, especially an adequate balance between free-to-play and play-to-earn gaming structures, on-chain and off-chain mechanics.

For more information about Spores x ChainGuardians partnership, please visit here.

🔶 ChainGuardians NFT Drop

Following the launch of Gamestore within Spores NFT Marketplace, ChainGuardians is the first to be listed. This important milestone comes with a surge of excitement and enthusiasm as Spores and ChainGuardians join hands to design Sonya the Mecha Princess — an exclusively rare NFT hero in the RPG — for the debut listing.

Specially, Pink Sonya comes with an exclusive watch, whose owner/user will be able to access the ChainGuardians RPG, and NFT token from the watch’s technological features. This watch is extremely rare in the ChainGuardians ecosystem with less than 20 currently in circulation.

The Sonya NFTs on Spores Network marketplace are listed with the best price compared to any other secondary market!

🔶 Drop Details & How To Buy

The exclusive Spores x Chain Guardians “Sonya” Collection will be available for sale at 12PM UTC (14/1) — Open for anyone, no quota, FCFS, no KYC

🔹 Date & time: 12PM UTC, 14/1

🔹 Selling on Spores Gamestore

🔹 Variations: Pink Sonya — Orange Sonya — Blue Sonya

🔹 Quantity:

  • Pink Sonya: 1
  • Orange Sonya: 6
  • Blue Sonya: 55

🔹 Price:

  • Pink Sonya: 2 ETH
  • Orange Sonya: 0.5 ETH
  • Blue Sonya: 0.35 ETH


  • If the amount that you transfer is below the quoted price, the order will not be confirmed.
  • If the amount that you transfer is above the quoted price or if you submit an invalid transaction, we will make a refund to you within 10 working days (deducting all gas fees involved, up to $50 per refund transaction to cover gas fees and operation costs)

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About ChainGuardians

ChainGuardians is an anime-inspired strategy game with the tagline “Blockchain for Superheroes.” The game seamlessly merges blockchain technology and conventional gaming in a single platform that boasts different features, some of which allow players to pay for free. ChainGuardians further incentivizes players by rewarding them for their playing time and moves.

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