Why Move2Earn is taking over the crypto industry

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4 min readMay 21, 2022

New technologies emerge every day to tackle practical problems and improve society’s living standards. Move-2-Earn, the latest advancement in the crypto industry is making big waves — combining health & wellness with finance, allowing users to earn passive income while pursuing an active lifestyle.

So, let’s discover everything about Move-2-Earn and how YOU can take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Move-2-Earn: Definition & background

If GameFi is catered towards entertainment + earning then Move-2-Earn rewards users with cryptocurrencies for their engagement in physical activities.

These activities can range from casual movements to fitness exercises, measured by sensors integrated into mobile devices. In short, you keep earning as long as you move — the higher the intensity of your movement, the more you can earn.

The concept dates back to several years ago, utilized by mostly fitness app services to incentivize their members to achieve training goals. However, it was not until 2021 when the Web3 lifestyle app STEPN officially introduced and popularized the term “Move-2-Earn.”

How Move-2-Earn projects are disrupting the traditional health & fitness industry

🔶Reward incentives from NFT applications

Thanks to the adoption, crypto users now feel more inspired to stay active than ever. The diverse & transparent reward mechanisms based on NFT attributes definitely surpasses traditional Web2 platforms.

🔶Gamification for more user retention

For many people, it’s just a matter of time before daily exercises become uninteresting and tedious. Added with gamification systems, Move-2-Earn stands more chances of minimizing these limitations.

For example, Get Kicks takes advantage of gamification by promoting in-app rewards, customizable NFTs, and more competitive events and challenges among users. Users can enjoy a new & immersive experience of fitness activities which, in return, motivates them to “keep moving.”

What are the potentials of Move-2-Earn?

🔶The next big thing for your portfolio

The number of Move-2-Earn projects has grown exponentially since STEPN took the first shot and proved their success. Despite being a newcomer in the industry, the total market cap for Move-2-Earn has quickly surpassed $1B (May 2022). Top projects are gaining great traction and making steady progress. This ensures promising investment opportunities, especially when you find the right token for your investment.

Look for Move-2-Earn applications that not only reward users for their activeness but also establish further token utilities. These are indicative of enhanced user retention, stable market value, and higher demand from new investors.

🔶Attract more non-crypto groups

Unlike Play-2-Earn where users have to invest hours and hours into gaming, Move-2-Earn users can start earning simply by walking, running, or playing sports,…

🔶Advocate a positive lifestyle & health benefits

The idea of earning money — or cryptocurrencies — just by walking to work or making your favorite dunks in a basketball match is a gold mine of fitness motivation. Move2Earn encourages an active lifestyle to gradually improve your health & physical conditions.

Eventually, which should incentivize you more: Spending loads of money on gym subscriptions, or no more costly gym membership while still getting paid?

Move-2-Earn project in the spotlight

Besides STEPN, GetKicks is now deemed a rising star in the Move-2-Earn.

GetKicks = Move to earn + Social-Fi + Compete + GameFi

On a mission to introduce sneakerheads to the Web3 era, Get Kicks offers the same “thrill” of collecting but in the world of NFTs, enhanced by great earning potential.

More than just health & fitness, Get Kicks thrives on releasing the best utility possible for Kick NFT holders while ensuring that they are the freshest-looking kicks you have ever seen. Players can collect, customize, upgrade, showcase, lease and trade their unique dream Kicks. This will ultimately increase their Kicks’ stats, allowing players to earn more.

Get Kicks further emphasizes its focus on so-called sneakerheads, both through partnerships with existing streetwear and sneaker brands and through the designs of Kick NFTs.

Special highlights of GetKicks:

🔶Free-to-earn (Free-to-play)

Users can start to earn immediately with Get Kicks free standard Kick. If you want access to more profitable features and upgrades, purchasing Kicks from the Marketplace is the way to go.

🔶Gamified earning experience

The gamification of GetKicks is well-demonstrated via 6 core mechanisms:

  • Diversified playing/earning modes (Solo Mode, Club Mode, Background Mode, PvP Mode, and Tournament)
  • Upgradable NFT Kicks: Each Kick has a unique set of attributes that influence your reward output, upgrade success rate, and durability.
  • Accessories: Boost one of the four attributes of your kick.
  • KickBox: Includes at least 1 new deadstock Kick and sometimes also an Accessory.
  • Badges: Grant additional in-game perks (bonus Stamina, decrease in KickBox minting costs, and Marketplace transaction fees…)
  • Marketplace: Enable users to buy, sell, lease, and rent items.

More information in GetKicks WhitePaper.



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