U.S Contemporary Pop Artist Todd Gray partners with Spores Network for NFTs

LOS ANGELES — Nov. 3, 2021 — , a full-stack NFT-DeFi platform, has announced an artistic partnership with the acclaimed U.S. contemporary pop artist . The announcement was made last night at a private dinner in New York City attended by artists, art and crypto world executives. All guests received a metacoin giving them exclusive access to the first work in Gray’s NFT World Wide Healing series which will launch before the end of 2021.

Spores Network was launched in July of this year and is ranked as one of the most promising NFT sites worldwide.

“We’re excited that Todd is the first American contemporary pop artist to be featured on our platform,” according to Spores Network Chairman Duc Luu. “Todd is thoroughly immersed in his art and his love for it is contagious. We are also lining up a retrospective series on our XRVR gallery for Todd where he will showcase much of his amazing work as well as supporting the World Wide Healing campaign.”

Allen V. Dam, Spores Network Chief Content Officer said, “We are so enthusiastic about bringing forward an ongoing positive voice and way to contribute to a world in need.”

Flabbergast mural by Todd Gray at World Trade Center in New York City

Based in Los Angeles, Gray has been acclaimed for his hard-edge graphic designs in painting and sculptures for over 35 years. He gained international recognition for , a 100- foot wide mural at the World Trade Center site that he created in 2018. ‘Flabbergast’ lifted the spirits of tens of thousands of people who viewed it, many posing for snapshots in front of the vibrant work. Gray was invited to return to the site this year to refresh his work in advance of the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

“I cannot escape my love for Pop Art. I never could. It’s part of my DNA,” Gray says. “Powerful energy, clean lines and bright colors have been strong influences on my sculptural works and translate well into digital. My collaboration with Spores Network will give me the opportunity to eliminate barriers and share my passion for this genre with an unlimited audience.”

Jeff Lee, Spores Network Chief Art Curator, also offered his support, saying “It’s wonderful to see an artist of Todd Gray’s stature joining other contemporary artists like Jasper Wong, founder of POW! WOW!, Carlos Luna James, Slick and Tillavision, who are helping us pioneer high-end curated art in this exciting space.”

This Todd Gray and Spores Network partnership was produced by Rick Privman and Yumiko Miyano of JEA.

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