The Bear Market Survival Guide: How Spores Launchpad Can Help You Earn Profit During Crypto Downturns

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4 min readMar 20, 2023

As the crypto market experiences a significant decrease, investors are desperately seeking ways to profit during the bear market. IDO Launchpads offer them a unique opportunity to access promising projects before they become more widely known

Profit Opportunities in Bear Market

Amid the downturn of the crypto market, IDO launchpads have emerged as a rare option for crypto enthusiasts to earn profits.

Although it may be difficult to find projects with explosive growth rates of x30, x50, or even x100 as in the bull run, some launchpads still offer their communities favorable deals with returns of x2 x3. This is a reasonable rate of return in the current challenging market environment.

Besides, a “hibernating market” is a great time to seek out emerging projects that prioritize growth over market hype and are more likely to succeed and flourish later. Legitimate launchpads will know how to conduct due diligence effectively on behalf of their investors, and bring up hidden gems before they become widely popular and overvalued.

Spores Launchpads — Your Secret Weapon Against Crypto Downturn

Spores Launchpad is an example of a launchpad that ticks all the boxes for strong foundations and consistent development.

During this harsh bear market, Spores Launchpad has brought to its community many innovative Web3 projects with fine returns, namely Get Kicks (40X ATH), Animal Concerts (8.44X ATH), Wizardia (7.2X ATH), Ookeenga (3X ATH), etc. Recently, each IDO typically yields a profit of 10–20%, and Spores Launchpad hosts approximately 2–3 IDOs each month.

Spores Launchpad also provides ground-breaking features and policies that benefit its loyal investors. For instance, all projects must undergo the Spores Safeguard program before they are considered for launching their IDO on the platform. In order to become “Spores Safeguard Guaranteed”, they have to meet our stringent criteria, such as a minimum liquidity lock-up requirement, mandatory lock-ups for team tokens, preset distribution and vesting schedule compliance, audits from reputable companies, and a price fall threshold.

In case “Spores Safeguard Guaranteed” projects perform poorly due to objective conditions, investors have an additional layer of protection with Spores Network’s 24-Hour Protection policy.

24-Hour Protection is a policy that provides investors with protection against price drops for up to 24 hours after participating in a launchpad project. It allows investors to sell their tokens back to the launchpad at the price they paid before, thereby preventing losses. This policy is designed to protect investors from sudden drops in price that may occur due to market fluctuations or other unforeseen events.

Besides, Spores Launchpad also boasts one of the most user-friendly staking policies.

Most launchpads require users to stake a minimum of tokens worth around $200 for the lowest IDO allocation. In contrast, Spores Launchpad strives to keep the fees for participating in IDOs as reasonable as possible, with the lowest VIP Tier (VIP 1) requiring users to stake only 250,000 SPO (~$180). Additionally, the APR of the staking pool has been increased to 150% to reward loyal users.

In conclusion, while the crypto market may be experiencing a downturn, launchpads like Spores Launchpad offer investors a unique opportunity to invest early in promising projects with strong foundations, scalability, and growth potential. Innovative policies such as the Safeguard program and 24-Hour protection will definitely provide investors with a high level of financial safety and peace of mind.

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