That Nifty Show — Featured Guest: ChainGuardians

Recap and Winner Announcement

Thank you so much to everyone who tuned to Episode 4 with our featured guest: Ben Alquist — Chief Communication Officer of ChainGuardians.

In this episode, our host Duc Luu and Ben talked about blockchain gaming, play-to-earn, and how the ChainGuardians ecosystem is looking to do with their decentralized sci-fi and anime-inspired gaming universe, as well as supporting other NFT & DeFi projects through their decentralized cross-chain incubator and boost pad protocol, ChainBoost.

For those who missed out on the show, you can rewatch it here:

Here are a few highlights from the episode:


Did you know that Spores Network’s founders Duc Luu and Eric Hung Nguyen were original creative minds behind mecha-princess Sonya Atrëides? Sonya is our first-ever NFT collaboration; she went on to become a playable RPG character on ChainGuardians. The limited-edition Sonya NFT actually SOLD OUT within the first 24 hours!

🔷 9:50–13:54 In-depth introduction about ChainBoost

🔷 13:54–16:18

Spores Network was also the first project to launch its pre-IDO funding on the ChainBoost incubator and boost pad protocol. Users that participated in the ChainBoost Pre-IDO for Spores Network have witnessed their $SPO allocation 34x in overall performance ⚡⚡⚡

🔷 36:59–43:00 ChainBoost Economy

🔷 43:00–45:40 Projection for play-to-earn

🔷 45:45–48:10 Vision for play-to-earn

🔷 48:10 Q&A

We’re excited to announce the winners of Best Questions on That Nifty Show episode 4 here!

Special thanks to ChainGuardians with Ben Alquist for joining us !! Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates about our Gaming vertical ⭐✨

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