Swords of Blood officially launches IDO on Spores Launchpad — Sep 15

Spores Network is pleased to introduce our partnership with Swords of Blood — the first AAA-quality fast-paced hack and slash, action RPG game in the blockchain launching in Solana.

  • Backed by top VCs such as Solana Ventures, ABGA, Metavest Capital, Kangaroo Capital, partnered with famous launchpads: Seedify, Gamestarter, Enjinstarter, NFTb,…

IDO Timeline

  • VIP Round: 15 Sep, 10:00 AM UTC — 16 Sep, 10:00 AM UTC (24 hrs)

Registration & KYC for SWORDS OF BLOOD IDO: https://forms.gle/qpzCSS9h1Zep6Yna7

Swords Of Blood is under the Spores Safeguard Program.


Project Overview

An epic quest in a fast-paced online game awaits a hero! Discover the dark fantasy-free action RPG, and experience the immersive gameplay. When the last Bladebound fell, the world was lost in darkness. Now, centuries later, a brave hero rises to restore the legacy of the Order and drive the evil from his homeland. Take your sword, become the Last Bladebound and embark on an epic quest of vengeance to regain your honor!

Why You Should Choose Swords of Blood

  • Extensive network of renowned partners and investors in the crypto space

Key Features

  • Discover the wonderful world of Ezura

Team, Backers & Partners

Founded by a team with over 10+ years of experience in the video game industry and game companies: Sony PlayStation, X-Box Marketing as well as worked on the most iconic game titles Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and the Tom Clancy franchises

Backed by well-known technology companies and top-tier VC firms, partnered with top launchpad, community, and media networks in the industry, to name a few:



SWORDS OF BLOOD OF IDO on Spores Launchpad

  • Launchpad Network: BSC

Swords Of Blood is under the Spores Safeguard Program.

How To Participate In IDO



  • To be eligible for IDO participation, you are required to do KYC & fill out the following forms: Swords of Blood IDO Registration


Upon completing the registration process, you will receive an email confirmation for the KYC.

About Swords of Blood

SWORDS OF BLOOD is the new name of the blockchain expansion that will feature tradable Game Utility Tokens (otherwise known as NFTs), New 4 and 16 PvP maps, an additional 100-hour Gameplay Expansion Pack moving Swords of Blood​ into an MMO-style playing experience, Skins, Weapons, Battle Passes, Exclusive Content, and more​, all of which will not be available in the original game.

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