SwitchUp Accelerator Program: A Proven Path to Success

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4 min readApr 10, 2024

SwitchUp 2023 was not just an event; it was a journey that proved to be a transformative path for startups in the evolving world of technology and innovation. From attracting top-tier mentors and venture capitalists to fostering a collaborative community, the SwitchUp Accelerator Program provided a launchpad for innovative ideas to thrive and flourish.

Application Process: The first hurdle

SwitchUp 2023 marked the beginning of a journey for over 250 projects from nearly 20 countries all over the world, all competing for a spot in the Accelerator program. Each project applied will undergo a detailed selection process and will be assessed based on 5 criteria: people, capital market, product, marketing, and tokenomic.

Over 80% of the projects are from many parts of Asia and Europe. Applied projects cover over 10 sectors, with Gamefi, web3 infrastructure, and Defi being the most common.

Two kick-off events were held in Hanoi and HCMC and attracted nearly 300 participants (KOLs, VCs, and project representatives). The events were live-streamed on VBA’s fan page with over 50K followers and 80+ media partners. From these applicants, only the top 12 most promising finalists were selected to advance to the training phase.

The SwitchUp Experience: 8-WEEK Intensive Growth

The next phase was an 8-week immersive experience designed to accelerate growth and development. Participants benefited from personalized mentoring sessions with venture capitalists, access to committed funding, and support in the form of AWS credits.

The training course was led by experienced mentors and industry experts and included a diverse array of workshops, seminars, and hands-on activities with many credible speakers. Some famous mentors include Ms. Belinda — Operations Manager at Sandbox, Mr. Eric Hung Nguyen — CEO & Co-founder at Spores Network, VP of Investment Promotion at VBA, Mr. Kiet (Eric) Le — Investment Analyst at IDG Capital Vietnam Blockchain, etc.

Demo Day

Demo Day served as the highlight of SwitchUp 2023, offering startups a prime opportunity to present their progress to the audience. With over 400 registrations, including 100+ invited guests from web3 projects and media partners, and 40+ esteemed judges from VC funds and web3 organizations, the event was a hub of industry expertise. Additionally, over 30 crypto community partners supported the event, highlighting its collaborative nature.

Notable Achievements

SwitchUp 2023 made a significant impact, capturing the attention of over 100 media partners and attracting more than 1,000 online registrations, along with 500 private guests invited to exclusive events. The five months from May to October have achieved over 500,000 total reach, with 900+ event registrations, 300+ invited guests, and 100+ media partners involved. Additionally, over 200 individuals participated in the voting event, resulting in over 40 articles written about SwitchUp, further solidifying its influence and reach within the startup ecosystem.

Notable Projects

Switch Up 2023 highlighted the innovative capabilities of 12 finalists, with Grindery and DMAIL Network emerging as winners.

Grindery, the champion of Switch Up 2023, revolutionizes user empowerment by allowing them to build autonomous agents without requiring extensive coding knowledge. Grindery has garnered investments from notable entities including BinanceLabs, Gate.io, DFG/JSquare Capital, MH Ventures, Near, Algorand, Flow, Harmony, and Cronos, reflecting its promising potential.

DMAIL Network emerged as the top favorite among the finalists, presenting a revolutionary email exchange platform powered by AI. DMAIL Network has secured investments from prominent venture capital firms such as HashKey Capital, KuCoin Labs, Gate Labs, Draper Dragon, HG Ventures, and Amino Capital. Notably, the project completed a Series A fundraising round with the participation of leading VCs including BiXin Ventures, Lead Capital, and TsingTing Capital.

Following SwitchUp, 10 of the 12 projects have attracted attention from top-tier VCs such as IDG VCB, Ferrum, Open Angel, and Blockbase, with expected investments ranging from $100,000 to $200,000. Filemarket has received a commitment of investment ranging from $100,000 to $200,000 from OrangeDao. Specifically, Mar 3 AI has also emerged as one of the top contenders, securing its position as one of the top 4 AI DApps on the BNB chain.

The SwitchUp Journey — A Proven Path to Success

The SwitchUp Journey isn’t just about securing funding; it’s a transformative odyssey for startups. It blends mentorship, resources, and a nurturing community to fast-track growth and innovation. Through SwitchUp, countless early-stage companies have demonstrated that with the right backing and direction, extraordinary success is within reach.

The program will accept international startups from all fields (blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, etc.). To find out more information on SwitchUp Accelerator and become part of the program, projects should visit link.

For more information or additional comments, please contact: accelerator@spores.app

About SwitchUp Accelerator Organizers

Vietnam Blockchain Association: Vietnam Blockchain Association (VBA) is the first official organization approved by the Vietnamese Ministry of Home Affairs to be the hub for blockchain enthusiasts and foster the application of Blockchain technology in Vietnam. Their mission is to liaise with Government agencies to bid on a legal framework for the Blockchain industry, aligning with the nation’s plan to develop a digital economy.

Spores Network: Spores Network is the leading multi-chain launchpad for IDOs and INOs of up-and-coming high-quality web3 projects, in which users can seamlessly participate & support the project! Our mission is to promote the growth of Web3 communities by breaking the barriers between entrepreneurs, investors, and contributors, and forming a fair and open web3 builder network.



Spores Network

The leading multi-chain launchpad for IDOs and INOs of up-and-coming high quality web3 projects, in which user can seamlessly participate & support the project!