Supernova joins Spores Network to launch Official IDO

Spores Network is excited to announce yet another IDO on Spores Launchpad, this time in partnership with the most anticipated blockchain games of the year — Supernova

🔔 Spores Network x Supernova IDO will take place on Spores Launchpad at 1PM UTC, March 23rd, 2022

Project Overview:

Supernova is a sci-fi sandbox survival MMORPG in an open world featuring indirect controls and an open economy with play to earn mechanics! Players can engage in many in-game professions, including trading, politics, war, piracy, and exploration with endless possibilities on any platform (browser, mobile, desktop).

Behind the Supernova project is the Sunday Games which is a game development team with an average of 10 years of experience per person. Notable projects can include 0xuniverse which was which was one of the most popular decentralized games on the market, beating CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity.

Supernova Main Features:

  • Open World: A character can wake up in a space station, equip a spacesuit adventure into space, capture a hostileship, land on a nearby planet and continue exploring a ground base — all seamlessly and in real-time. Such an approach allows achieving a unique gaming experience.
  • Character independence: Character Automated fights, work, starship flying,players give out general orders. This Removes routine from the players and draws attention to more important management elements within the game. This kind of gameplay is more suitable for an adult audience without micromanagement of avatar control.
  • UGC oriented: The Supernova-verse is open to creators. Players can craft their own unique ship designs, equipment,space and planetary stations, narrative adventures, and other content like importing their NFT’s while being rewarded for that. Thanks to this approach, the game world will receive regular and multicultural updates.
  • Open economy: Players will be able to purchase in-game tokens for fiat currency, but also exchange them back. Trades, collaborations, armed clashes,and other socio-economic relations between players will not only bring immersive gameplay but also an opportunity to earn money.
  • Blueprint NFTs: ERC-1155, can be licensed to other players, allowing royalties from each copy produced.



Official IDO On Spores Launchpad

👉 Go to:


  • Registration & KYC: Cut off at 1PM UTC Mar, 22nd
  • VIP Round: 1PM UTC, Mar 23rd — 1AM UTC, Mar 24th (12 hrs)
  • Double Limit for all VIPs: 1AM UTC, Mar 24th — 2AM UTC, Mar 24th (1 hr)
  • FCFS Round: 2AM UTC, Mar 24th — 2PM UTC, Mar 24th (12 hrs)


🔸Token: $LFC

🔸Launchpad Network: BNB Chain

🔸Distribution Network: BNB Chain

🔸Total Supply: 100,000,000

🔸Initial Market Cap: $513,000

🔸Spores Allocation: $30,000

🔸$LFC IDO Price: $0.30

🔸Vesting Schedule: TGE 25%, then unlocked for 3 months


  • VIP Access Only
  • Currency: BUSD/USDT

How To Participate In Supernova IDO


  • Go to
  • All $SPO stakers (previous & current staking pools) are eligible to participate in Supernova IDO as VIP buyers.
  • VIP requirements and benefits:


In order to be eligible to participate in the IDO, you are required to fill out the following forms:

*KYC is required for IDO participation

For detailed instructions on the process, check out our How To Buy section at Spores Launchpad

Process: Email verification > Identity document > Face match


Upon completion of the registration process, you will receive an email confirmation for the KYC.

After our whitelist closing time, Spores Network will notify you of your Tier Confirmation at least 12 hours prior to the sales date.

Supernova Gameplay Walkthrough

About Supernova

Follow Supernova’s official social media: Website | Telegram | Discord | Twitter

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