Spores x Animalia: Founders Edition NFTitans (Drop Details)

This December, brace yourself for the launch of Founders Edition NFTitans from Spores Network x Animalia!

With regard to Animalia, this fast-paced turn-based strategy card game should never fail to astonish you with its immersive gameplay, enthralling storyline, and diversified ecosystem experience, including meme-inspired critters, crypto-based gemstones, special weapons, trading, renting…

Spores Network is proud to introduce the first-ever, exclusive Founders Edition NFTitan Collection. All the information and reports are listed below.

For more information about Spores x Animalia, please visit here.

Founders Edition NFTitan Collection

In the Animalia Kingdom, the world is divided into two factions, each led by a Titan — the fearsome Bull and the mighty Bear. Titans can be classified into different “species”, each with its own unique abilities and powers.

The first drop of Spores x Animalia NFTitans will feature 2 Non-fungible Titans (NFTitans) — Toro & Ursa — as an initial series of NFTs will be deployed in a BEP-721 smart contract.

Each NFTitan, featuring 6 different traits & 18 different variations, is guaranteed to be unique in the collection.

🔶 Toro — My enchanted will destroy you!

No other Titans use the obscure with as much expertise and crude power as a Toro. Utilizing their unmatched cluster of spells, Toro can wipe entire boards of critters, deal destructive amounts of damage directly to their enemies, or gather unadulterated energy. Expertise in enchanted powers used by Toro has astonishing outcomes. They take advantage of nature magic by activating powerful effects.

🔶 Ursa — Triumph or Dead!

Prepared contenders of unrivaled ability, Ursa has dominance over a stockpile of weaponry and protection, permitting them to be both dangerous soldiers and impressive safeguards. Taking harm just serves to incense Ursa and his Minions, setting off amazing impacts that further improve their fearsome capacities. Ursa features its ability to wield varieties of martial tools with deadly alacrity.

Founders Edition NFTitan Utilities

  • Ursa & Toro holders are guaranteed to be on a whitelist to participate in the closed beta invite list.
  • Ursa & Toro holders are eligible for Seasonal card packs & $PHL airdrops.
  • Ursa & Toro holders will have exclusive private access to the titan group on social media platforms.
  • Player in-game avatar.
  • Ursa & Toro in-game Battle user interface.
  • Special in-game Battle FX and SFX.
  • Founders Edition NFTitan card template.
  • Increased stamina in PVP, PVE, and other modes.
  • Access to high-tier card packs.

Drop Details & How To Buy

Spores x Animalia Founders Edition NFTitans will be available for VIP Presale and Public Sale.

🔶 VIP Presale

General information:

  • Date & time: 3am UTC, Jan 3rd
  • Selling on Spores Launchpad
  • Quantity: 150 NFTitans — Guarantee Random (75 Toro * 75 Ursa)
  • Exclusive discount
  • Price: $870 (BUSD/USDT)

VIP Pool Allocation: Whitelisted users only. FCFS, No Quota, No KYC

  • 3am — 3:30am UTC: VIP 3 (Top 25 SPO holders + top 5 LP stakers)
  • 3:30am — 4am UTC: VIP 2 (Min 100K SPO staked)
  • 4am — 4:30am UTC: VIP 1 (Min 50K SPO staked)

👉 Whitelist Form: https://spores.xperx.ai/animalia-whitelist

Participants must fill out the Animalia Form of Interest in order to be whitelisted and qualified for VIP Presale. Your entries will help our team determine your tiers.

The general public looking to participate in our sale does not have to fill out the form.

🔶 Public Sale

  • Date & time: 4:30am UTC, Jan 3rd — 11am UTC, Jan 4th
  • Selling on Spores Launchpad
  • Open for anyone, no quota, FCFS, no KYC
  • Price: $870 (BUSD/USDT)
  • Exclusive discount


  • Animalia will only mint NFTs after customers have purchased tickets successfully. The number of NFTs that we mint should be the same as the number of tickets sold.
  • Exclusive Spores x Animalia discounts will be revealed at 2nd Jan, 2022


  • If the amount that you transfer is below the quoted price, the order will not be confirmed.
  • If the amount that you transfer is above the quoted price or if you submit an invalid transaction, we will make a refund to you within 10 working days (deducting all gas fees involved, up to $50 per refund transaction to cover gas fees and operation costs)

Tier Breakdown & Entry Time

➡️ Our SPO-BSC Staking Pools will be live on https://staking.spores.app/

SPO-BSC Short Term

🔸 Staking cap: 100,000,000 SPO

🔸 Start date: 12/14/2021

🔸 Start time: 2 PM UTC

🔸 Days Open For Stake: 20 days

🔸 Days Of Mandatory Lock: 30 days

🔸 Early Reward Return (APY %): 8%

🔸 Days Until Maturity: 90 days

🔸 Maturity Return (APY %): 30%

About Spores

Spores Network founders believe that the decentralization of ownership and burgeoning metaverse will uniquely bridge our digital and physical lives. Our mission is to create an NFT ecosystem that is creator-centric, community-driven, and borderless. To that end, Spores functions as a media company that leverages an NFT marketplace and game publishing platform to activate content creators in art, games, and entertainment.

Spores Co-Founders include Duc Luu (Nasdaq IPOed serial entrepreneur ), Eric Hung Nguyen (former senior investment analyst at a top-10-worldwide hedge fund), and a diverse team of advisors across blockchain and entertainment.

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A full-stack, cross-chain interoperable NFT-DeFi platform. Learn more at https://spores.app

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A full-stack, cross-chain interoperable NFT-DeFi platform. Learn more at https://spores.app

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