Spores Network Updates: 500,000,000 $SPO tokens moved from Ethereum to BSC

Latest update from Spores Network: We are about to move 500,000,000 $SPO tokens from Ethereum to BSC.

🔸ETH Total Supply:

- Before: 4,500,000,000 $SPO

- After: 4,000,000,000 $SPO

🔸BSC Total Supply:

- Before: 500,000,000 $SPO

- After: 1,000,000,000 $SPO

As part of our continuous effort to bring cross-chain functionalities to our protocol and platform, you can swap $SPO from Ethereum to Binance using our token bridge solution.

🔄 Trade $SPO on:

Spores associated with Ferrum Network, which is well-known for their user-friendly interface, will facilitate simple, fast and secure SPO token swaps between different blockchain platforms.

Cross-chain swaps on Ferrum Network incur a 1% transaction fee that 50% of which Spores Network will use as proceeds for its buyback and lock function. Spores aims to use these as rewards for staking and liquidity provision on its platform.

SPORES Cross-Chain Token Bridge: https://bridge.spores.app/spores



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