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Meet Spores’ latest featured artist, Jeffrey Huang — a self-taught programmer and interactive designer from Hong Kong, then Canada, then New York.

Jeffrey is known for his creative spin on Snow Like Ashes series, Scion, Under Armor’s All American Football Show, New York City Football Club, Pocono Raceway.

Known in the cryptoverse as @YelloSesame, Jeffrey creates unique cyberpunk-themed pieces by leveraging Western materials and then brings in that Asian twist; creating an immersive and multicultural feel to his NFTs. He has done promotional pieces for many big-name crypto projects, to name a few: Cardano, Gate.io, Polkadot, Chainlink, Holo, Crypto Punks,…and now, Spores Network ⚡⚡

Jeffrey Huang will be a part of our line-up for NFT listings on Spores Marketplace, officially live on September 29th, 2021 !!

(S) Please tell us a little bit about yourself, besides art, anything else you’re willing to share with your audience so that they will get to know a bit more about you as a person?

(J) This is Jeffrey Huang aka YelloSesame. I am an Asian American from Hong Kong. I left Hong Kong to study in Canada in the seventies. I major in the field of Industrial Design.

After I graduated I moved to New York to work as a graphic designer. Later as more and more jobs required designers to be able to do some programming. I self-taught myself Flash Actionscript and became an interactive designer and a front-end developer.

My true passion has always been 3d design and animation. So I self-taught myself Cinema 4D and Adobe AfterEffects whenever I had the opportunity.

I finally got a full-time motion graphics design job four years ago. Last July, I lost my full-time motion design job due to COVID-19. Since then I dedicate my time to learning and working on NFT.

(S) Can you walk us through your journey as an artist/creator? What were some of your most memorable projects in the past?

(J) I started my NFT journey last July in 2020. I usually sell my NFT creations one at a time on different platforms. This August I created an NFT Collectibles in OpenSea.

The name of the project is CryptoSaviors Collection. This is my first NFT Collectives project.

The reason for creating this collection is that I have seen a lot of computer-generated 2D collectibles, and most of them use animals as the main characters.

I wanted to create a collection of human avatars with backstories in each of them.

CryptoSaviors is a collection of 3D Avatar NFTs, unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain. These avatars are meticulously created digitally according to characters and personalities.

In this collection, I want to mix Chinese culture with American culture. A mixture of traditional Chinese martial arts and weapons in a cyberpunk theme.

Understanding the fact that creating a successful Collection is no easy task. Promotion, marketing, branding, and social media are essential for a project on this scale. I am fortunate enough to have a team to work on this project. Together I believe we can create something memorable and inspirational in this NFT community.

(S) What can be said about your style and evolution both visually and thematically? What is your source of inspiration?

(J) My artistic style is always a Cyberpunk theme. I love to create 3d characters with animation. That is also the reason I created the CryptoSaviors Collection. My source of inspiration is very diversified, from comic books to movies, from street graphics to motion graphics.

(S) As you continue to explore artistic freedom in your work, how do you feel about where you are now; where do you envision yourself in the short, medium, long-term future?

(J) I believe in Decentralisation. I believe in NFT. I am now having the best time of my life as a creative designer. In the NFT world, I have the freedom to create whatever I like without making any compromises with clients, without answering to any creative directors.

(S) Can you tell us about some details such as the thought process of your most recent works or projects?

(J) My NFT Kobe Series — The Legend, The Goat, and The Black Mamba are the projects I am most proud of and the most satisfying.

The Legend
The Goat

Kobe Bryant is a basketball legend and I am his big fan. I wanted to create a series of designs and mint them on blockchain devoted to Kobe’s legacy.

This whole series took me a good two months from start to finish. I did a lot of research and collected lots of images as references.

It took a while for me to model Kobe in a 3d software. Then the rigging and the animation are the most challenging parts of the whole project.

I also downloaded lots of basketball videos as references and basically animated Kobe frame by frame.

(S) Now let’s talk about your upcoming partnership with Spores Network? Why did you decide to partner with Spores to release your NFTs?

(J) I still consider myself a beginner in this NFT world. I am still learning NFT. In fact, I have to admit that I am having a hard time keeping up its pace.

I always love to explore new possibilities and opportunities. So when Jeffrey Lee the Chief Art Curator of Spores Network asked me to join Spores as an artist for the platform, I immediately accepted the invitation.

In fact, I just finished a logo animation for SPORES. I have been working for Jeffrey Lee for quite some time and the experience is quite satisfying.

(S) What is your inspiration behind this upcoming drop with Spores Network?

(J) Honestly, I have been quite busy recently with my own NFT collection. But I am sure I will create one or two pieces to celebrate the SPORES launch. I do not have any title for my pieces yet. I am the kind of artist who works under tight deadlines. I am pretty sure my creative ideas would come to me at the right time.

Thank you to Jeffrey for the opportunity to chat and for us to learn more about him. Stay tuned for exciting and news coming up with the Spores Marketplace Launch!

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