Spores Network to Launch VR Metaverse Entertainment Hub GALAXY ARENA

Galaxy Arena IDO will go live on October 18, 10 AM UTC

Spores Network
4 min readOct 14, 2022

Get ready for an epic virtual reality Play-to-Earn experience in the metaverse — Galaxy Arena.

Spores Network is thrilled to announce our latest IDO, coming to you this October 18!


  • VIP Levels & Entry Time: 10 AM UTC , October 18–10 AM UTC, October 19 (24 hours)
  • Triple Limit Round: 10 AM UTC — 11 AM UTC, October 19
  • FCFS Round: 11 AM UTC, October 19–11 AM UTC, October 20

(*) Galaxy Arena IDO is under Spores Safeguard Program


  • Token: Galaxy Arena ($ESNC)
  • Chain: Polygon Network
  • Platform Allocation: $25,000
  • Token Price: $0.03
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000.00 $ESNC
  • Initial Supply (excluding liquidity): 11,300,000 $ESNC
  • Initial Market Cap: $395,500
  • Token Listing: October 21
  • Vesting Schedule for Public Round: TGE 20%, 0m Cliff, 8m Linear Monthly vesting


🔸Step 1: Stake $SPO

VIP Requirements & Benefits:

🔸Step 2: Register

To be eligible for IDO participation, please fill out our IDO Registration Form: https://forms.gle/9sCqTAwJdJGN2oCRA

🔸Step 3: Email Confirmation

After our whitelist closing time, Spores Network will notify you of your Tier Confirmation at least 12 hours before the date of the sale.


Galaxy Arena is a decentralized metaverse VR experience run by Essense ($ESNC) and powered by the Polygon Network.

Galaxy Arena is poised to become a leading state-of-the-art metaverse hub that bridges the gap between virtual and reality in live events, attractions, VR experiences, and business.

The Difference

  • Galaxy Arena is focused on Health and Fitness, as they boast the first gym in the metaverse and the first Move-to-Earn game in VR.
  • The only VR earn game aggregator metaverse hub
  • Galaxians can play, move, learn, dance, sing, and participate to earn all in one roof
  • Exclusive ‘X to Earn Hub’

Galaxy Arena Highlights & Milestones

  • 3 main sectors and the ecosystem: Entertainment Venue, Galaxy Tower, Galaxy Gym
  • Raised $850K in pre-seed + seed sale
  • Galaxy Arena Alpha version completed
  • Get paid to work out with your favorite professional athletes:

👉Fantastic fitness spaces where people from all around the world can get in shape and earn money!

👉Gathered alliances from all sectors of the crypto sphere from Metaverses to real-life world-class fighters.

👉One of the Partner fighters won the UAE Arabia title — wins Knockout of the Year


Lead Investors:

  • Catena VC
  • Capital DAO
  • Zephyrus Capital
  • Unity Capital
  • Kenzo Ventures
  • Unicorn Ventures
  • Depro Labs


(*) For more information:

Galaxy Arena Pitchdeck

Galaxy Arena Whitepaper


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