Spores Network & Animal Concerts In Partnership For Upcoming IDO

  • Enable established and emerging artists to deliver amazing next-generation fan experiences.
  • Provide support for artists in designing and minting NFTs to personalize and enhance the fan experience whilst generating new and direct revenue for the artist.

Project Overview

  • Transform the fan experience and democratize the music industry by enabling A-list and emerging artists to engage and monetize fans directly.
  • Stream 2D and 3D concerts to global audiences in collaboration with the most renowned Metaverse and traditional streaming platforms.
  • Become THE concerts platform of choice using truly iconic virtual venues to deliver interactive and immersive live shows, serving millions of fans across Asian and Western markets.
  • NFTs will be used as a medium to not only issue the ticket but also allow artists to personalize the experience (e.g. backstage pass, special offers, track voting rights) and establish direct revenue streams.
  • $ANML tokens will allow Animal Concerts community members privileged access to tickets and events.

Backers & Partners


  • To bring online streaming concerts to the next level
  • Book top tier artists for concerts and have them promote our brand and platform
  • Mulpiple potential verticals including Art, Music, Video Games & NFT’s
  • Medium of exchange within the ecosystem
  • Watch 2 Earn — users earn rewards for active participation in our metaverse events
  • Governance of the NFT marketplace and on-chain treasury which is directly linked to digital merchandise sales
  • Artist/Fan interaction through voting and participating in concert activities
  • Stake to earn status, tickets, perks, and entries into limited-edition giveaways

Official IDO On Spores Launchpad

How To Participate In IDO

  • In order to be eligible to participate in the IDO, you are required to fill out the following form: Animal Concerts IDO Registration
  • Process: Email verification > Identity document > Face match
  • Upon completion of the registration process, you will receive an email confirmation for the KYC.
  • After our whitelist closing time, Spores Network will notify you of your Tier Confirmation at least 12 hours prior to the sales date.




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