Spores Lab — Cardano Challenge Closing

Community Update

At Spores, we’re committed to support and foster growth within the blockchain community. As part of our grand effort to be a cross-chain marketplace, we’re actively working to build on the Cardano ecosystem. On October 1st, we announced our Cardano Challenge: building an NFT marketplace on Cardano platform.

Challenge 1 ERC-20

Challenge 2 ERC-721

Challenge 3 ERC-1155

Challenge 4 Marketplace

Challenge 5 Lobster: since the lobster challenge has been released for one month, and there might be some solutions that can be found online. Thus, the original one needs to be modified to make it fair. Instead, this challenge requires using prime numbers (from 1 to 1000)

Challenge 6: to encourage your innovation, you are free to choose your topic, to design and to implement your logic.

Prizes (total $1300):

  • 1 Gold values $400
  • 1 Silver values $300
  • 3 Bronzes value $200 for each

Deadline for submission: 24:00 PM, 30 Oct 2021 (Vietnam time), extended to 15 Nov 2021.

View more about the challenge details: https://github.com/Spores-Labs/CardanoChallenge

After reviewing all submissions, we, Spores Lab, have chosen a Gold prize valued $400, credited for Phat Luu. He is also the most active member on Discord leaning channel.

Phat Luu successfully completed 3/5 topics in the challenge. That was a huge effort. His Github repo: https://github.com/phatngluu/cardano-challenge

Spores Lab decided to support Phat Luu for further training and development, not only on Cardano platform but other Blockchains as well.

Congratulations to the winner Phat Luu.

We highly appreciate all the participants and the support of mentors.

In the future, Spores will look to do more challenges/contests to grow and attract more talents to the crypto, blockchain community.

Stay tuned for more updates and news!

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Spores Co-Founders include Duc Luu (Nasdaq IPOed serial entrepreneur ), Eric Hung Nguyen (former senior investment analyst at a top-10-worldwide hedge fund), and a diverse team of advisors across blockchain and entertainment.

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