Spores x DinoX: LAND NFT Collection Drop Details (UPDATED)

🔶 Overview of LAND in the DinoX World

  • RARITY: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mythical
  • SIZE: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4
  • RESOURCE STACK: The economic base that impacts each player’s preference for adventure, exploration, or raid
  • TYPE: Bound with fighting game mechanics, adding bonuses or disadvantages for relevant Dinosaur Classes

🔶 Drop Details & How To Buy

  • Date & time: 1pm UTC, 3/3
  • Selling on Spores Launchpad
  • Exclusive discount
  • Quantity & Price:
  • 1pm — 1:30pm UTC: VIP 3 (Top 25 SPO holders + top 5 LP stakers)
  • 1:30pm — 2pm UTC: VIP 2 (Min 100K SPO staked)
  • 2pm — 2:30pm UTC: VIP 1 (Min 50K SPO staked)
  • Date & time: 2:30pm UTC, 3/3 — 1pm UTC, 4/3
  • Selling on Spores Launchpad
  • Open for anyone, no quota, FCFS, no KYC
  • If the amount that you transfer is below the quoted price, the order will not be confirmed.
  • If the amount that you transfer is above the quoted price or if you submit an invalid transaction, we will make a refund to you within 10 working days (deducting all gas fees involved, up to $50 per refund transaction to cover gas fees and operation costs)

🔶 Tier Breakdown & Entry Time



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