Quentin Lee to debut “Mystery Brothers” graphic novel at Comic-Con & its 3rd NFT collection on Spores Launchpad

The end of July marks Quentin Lee’s important milestones in his creative journey: Partner with Spores Network as a launchpad for the “Mystery Brothers” NFT graphic novel — of which the physical version will make its debut at Comic-Con 2022.

In May 2022, a series of 9 NFTs from Lee’s comic book Mystery Brothers was released in partnership with Spores Network. So, what’s special about his latest collection on Spores Launchpad?

  • Mystery Brothers third issue autographed cover — 1 of 1
  • Mystery Brothers fourth issue autographed cover — 1 of 1
  • Mystery Brothers Tarot: 14 Philia — 1 of 1
  • Mystery Brothers Tarot: 15 Abel — 1 of 1
  • Mystery Brothers Tarot: 16 Singularity — 1 of 1
  • Mystery Brothers Tarot: 17 Lightspeed — 1 of 1
  • Mystery Brothers Tarot: 18 Moonlight — 1 of 1
  • Mystery Brothers Tarot: 19 Maria — 1 of 1
  • Mystery Brothers Tarot: 20 Reconciliation — 1 of 1
  • Mystery Brothers Tarot: 12 The World — 1 of 1

Interested in Quentin Lee’s previously launched NFT collections of Mystery Brothers? Check them out now on:

Set in New York, Mystery Brothers is an exciting science fiction universe about two Chinese American 13-year-old half-brothers — one of whom may or may not be completely human — battling to save their parents and protect humanity from a robot domination future.

The novel has won widespread acclaim for its being an exceptional piece of writing with an engaging style of narration:

  • “Exciting and powerful, filled with complex relationships and thrilling plot twists! Using a timely story of aliens and robotics, Lee probes the mysteries of heritage and identity.” — David Henry Hwang.
  • “Mystery Brothers is an edge of your seat sci-fi thriller seamlessly merges family and heart through Lee’s amazing storytelling.” — Kayden Phoenix, Creator of A LA BRAVA, Latina Superheroes

About Quentin Lee

A Hong Kong-born Canadian-American film writer, director, and producer. He is most notable for the television series Comedy InvAsian and feature films The People I’ve Slept With (2009), Ethan Mao (2004), and Shopping for Fangs (1997), which he co-directed with Better Luck Tomorrow (2002) director Justin Lin.

Lee’s films often feature male lead characters who are Asian American and gay, two minority groups generally not seen as lead characters in mainstream Hollywood films.

About Spores

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