NeoCortexAI Brings the Transformative Power of AI and Blockchain to Spores Launchpad

Spores Launchpad is thrilled to announce the upcoming IDO launch of NeoCortexAI, the one-stop gateway to AI technology.

NeoCortexAI aims to make a significant impact in the world of AI and Blockchain through incubation, accelerating AI projects, and connecting Web2 AI to Web3 AI. This vision will be signaled by four main vertices, including AI Launchpad, AI Swap, AI Index Pool, and AI Brain Center.

  • Processing close Partnership with legit Web3 namely Oddiyana Venture, Triplegem Capital, Aldeb Trades, Brilliant Moon, Chainzeeper, Duckstarter, DAOstarter.
  • Managing AI Index Fund with DCA AI Bots
  • Applying new IAiO (Initial Artificial Intelligence Offering) for AI Launchpad
  • Planning to launch AI Index Pool wrapped with AI Promising Tokens
  • Launching AI Brain Center with insightful coverage of the world of AI and blockchain
  • VIP Round: 16th Mar, 10:00 am UTC => 17th Mar, 10:00 am UTC (24 hours)
  • Triple Limit Round: 17th Mar, 10 am UTC => 17th Mar, 11:00 am UTC (1 hour)
  • FCFS Round: 17th Mar, 11:00 am UTC => 18th Mar, 11:00 am UTC (24 hours)
  • Token Name: CORAI
  • Token Symbol (Ticker): CORAI
  • Chain: BNB Chain
  • Initial Supply: 180,000,000 CORAI
  • Initial MCap (Excluding Liquidity): $61,250
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 CORAI
  • Fully Diluted Value: $5,000,000
  • TGE Date: 21st March 2023
  • IDO price: $ 0,005
  • DEX: PancakeSwap
  • Initial Liquidity Locked Amount in USD: $61,250
  • Vesting Schedule for Public Round: 20% at TGE, thereafter 3 months linear
  • Step 1: Register for the IDO To be eligible for IDO participation, please click this link:
  • Step 2: Receive Email Confirmation After the whitelist closing time, Spores Network will notify you of your Tier Confirmation at least 12 hours before the sale.

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Spores Metaverse ecosystem encompasses physical and digital experiences (phygital) that generate community engagement and revenue through our NFT aggregator marketplace, Republique gallery and retail experience, and cross-chain metaverses.

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