Metaspets Partners With Spores Network For Private Sale On April 25th

Spores Network is delighted to join hands with MetaSpets on a mission to bring Metaverse users a brand new experience and establish a strong community in the blockchain gaming world.

$MSP MetaSpets Private Sale will take place on Spores Launchpad on April 25, 1 PM UTC.


MetaSpets is a Turn-based Idle RPG in a magical post-apocalyptic setting. Adorable sentient pets can become players’ companions and guardians to discover the fantastical world together.

Understanding the feeling of isolation and its tremendously detrimental impacts on a person’s mental health during the pandemic lockdowns, MetaSpets aim to create a game that was inspired by the world’s recovery from such depression. Their pets’ stories will facilitate genuine emotional connections with people, helping them understand the values of friendship, effort, and other meaningful lessons.

4 Reasons Why You Should join MetaSpets’s Private Sale

With MetaSpets, user experience is a crucial point for blockchain games to retain customers and maintain the game in the long term. That’s the reason why MetaSpets is designed to be a balance between easy to earn, entertainment, highly reachable, user-friendly and play-and-earn functionality inside.

#1: Public sale exclusively on Gamefi, private allocation raised on Spores

$SPO stakers and VIP buyers have special slots to enjoin MetaSpets game and early-buy $MSP token on Spores Network.

#2: Low Initial Market Cap and High ROI expectation

MetaSpets has a total Initial Market Cap is 198000, lower than other games on the crypto market. That brings chances for owners and players to multiply their investment.

#3: Over 60 kinds of skillful abilities pets

The world of MetaSpets includes various different kinds of pets with adroit abilities. They will accompany gamers on the whole journey for survival. Gamers will take care of their pets and take them into battles. Once winning over opponents, gamers and their pets will obtain precious awards.

#4: Diversifying gameplay to achieve goals and earn rewards

Different from other blockchain games, MetaSpets combines plenty of game modes to earn prizes and rewarded attributes even when joining one gameplay: PvE (Normal play and earn), Boss Raids (Events — Valuable rewards), PvP (Competitive — Valuable rewards), Guild Wars (Clan Wars).

Backers & Partners

GameFi, SUGA, BYTE Ventures, CRVN Capital, AVSTAR CAPITAL, BSC Station, Alphablockz, AlphaCrypto, PanicBear, STECH, RedHat Capital, StarTerra…



More information in MetaSpets Pitchdeck + Whitepaper


  • Network: BSC
  • Token type: BEP-20
  • Token name: $MSP
  • Platform Allocation: $50,000
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 MSP
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 4,400,000 MSP
  • Initial Market Cap: $198,000
  • Private Sale Price: $0.025
  • TGE: End of April


  • Registration: 18 Apr, 1:00 PM — 24 Apr, 1:00 PM
  • VIP Round: 25 Apr, 1:00 PM UTC — 26 Apr, 1:00 PM UTC (24hrs)
  • Double limit round: 26 Apr, 1:00 PM UTC — 26 Apr, 2:00 PM UTC (1hr)
  • FCFS Round: 26 Apr, 2:00 PM UTC — 27 April, 2:00 PM UTC (24 hrs)


Step 1: Stake $SPO

  • Go to
  • $SPO stakers are eligible to participate in the Private sale as VIP buyers.
  • VIP requirements and benefits:

Step 2: Register & KYC

  • To be eligible for Private sale participation, you are required to do KYC & fill out the following forms: MetaSpets Private Sale Registration
  • Process: Email verification > Identity document > Face match

Step 3: Email Confirmation

  • Upon completing the registration process, you will receive an email confirmation for the KYC.
  • After our whitelist closing time, Spores Network will notify you of your Tier Confirmation at least 12 hours before the sale date.

About MetaSpets

MetaSpets is a Turn-based Idle RPG game with a Play and Earn form. The game has meticulous graphics and imagery with more than 60 Super Pets, attractive gameplay, a well-balanced in-game economy, and a stable server system. MetaSpets promises to bring the greatest experiences as long as to ensure a stable and long-term income for users.

MetaSpets Official Channels: Twitter | Tiktok | Facebook | Telegram | YouTube | Discord

About Spores Network

Spores’ mission is to create a GameFi/Metaverse Publisher — incubating, launching (Private sale, IGO, INO), and operating NFT stack projects — that is creator-centric, community-driven, and borderless engaging entertainment IP and corporate brands.

Spores Metaverse ecosystem encompasses physical and digital experiences (phygital) that generate community engagement and revenue through our NFT aggregator marketplace, Republique gallery and retail experience, and cross-chain metaverses.

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