Meet Founders Edition NFTitans: Animalia makes its debut on Spores Network

Even though 2021 has had its share of challenges, we at Spores Network are more excited than ever to not only celebrate Christmas but also introduce our latest partnership with Animalia to present their Founders Edition NFTitans: Ursa and Toro this December.

Animalia is a fast-paced turn-based strategy card game based on decisions and consequences. Each match consists of a one-on-one battle between two opponents. The players take turns playing cards from their hand to cast powerful spells, equip mighty gemstones, or summon critters to fight for them. The game can be played with two human players or with one human and an AI computer opponent.

The world is divided into two factions in the Animalia Kingdom, each led by a Titan — the fearsome Bull and the mighty Bear. Each player is represented by their chosen ‘Titan,’ who determines the special cards and unique power they have. The goal of the game is to reduce the opponent’s health to zero before they can.

Animalia aspires to be one of the most successful NFT GameFi by emphasizing gameplay, story, and art design in order to provide an immersive gaming experience. The game’s goal is to provide blockchain access to millions of people all over the world in a fun and engaging way. The Animalia development process is rigorous and meticulously crafted to ensure the best user experience possible.

Aside from NFT, Animalia has a slew of appealing features and mechanisms: meme-inspired critters, crypto-based gemstones, special weapons, trading, renting… As a result, prepare for an immersive Animalia gameplay and ecosystem experience.

“Spores continues to bring new and exciting games like Animalia to our Spores Game Publishing platform which includes an Incubator, Launchpad, and Metaverse Focused VC Ecosystem Fund”. — Duc Luu, Spores Chairman & Co-Founder

“Our mission is to enable blockchain access to millions of people from around the world into the play-to-earn revolution. Designed for the diverse gaming community, the game will be easily accessed from regular platforms. Animalia, as an independent free-to-play game, aims to infuse elements of NFT into a familiar trading card gaming genre. The game will serve as an introduction of blockchain technology to the world in a fun and engaging manner.” — Eddy Lim , Co-Founder & Co-CEO

About Spores

Spores Network founders believe that the decentralization of ownership and burgeoning metaverse will uniquely bridge our digital and physical lives. Our mission is to create an NFT ecosystem that is creator-centric, community-driven, and borderless. To that end, Spores functions as a media company that leverages an NFT marketplace and game publishing platform to activate content creators in art, games, and entertainment.

Spores Co-Founders include Duc Luu (Nasdaq IPOed serial entrepreneur ), Eric Hung Nguyen (former senior investment analyst at a top-10-worldwide hedge fund), and a diverse team of advisors across blockchain and entertainment.

Join our collective. Tell your story. Share our vision, at Spores Official!

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About Animalia

Animalia is an independent Free-to-Play online NFT Trading Card Game featuring crypto-inspired meme creatures and gemstones. Powered by the Binance Smart Chain, Animalia gives you complete ownership over your in-game collectibles. Collect rare cards, create your own NFTs, build your deck, battle with other players and sell cards to other traders.

Animalia official channels: Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium | Reddit | GitHub | Announcement Channel | YouTube | Instagram




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Spores Network

A full-stack, cross-chain interoperable NFT-DeFi platform. Learn more at

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