Kaizen Finance to partner with Spores Network for IDO launch on April 16th

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4 min readApr 10, 2022


Spores Network is proud to introduce our partnership with Kaizen Finance — the first-ever cross-chain token lifecycle management platform that supports both project creators and investors.


  • Registration & KYC: Ends at 1PM UTC, 15/4
  • VIP Round: 1PM UTC, 16/4 — 1PM UTC, 17/4 (24 hrs)
  • FCFS Round: 1PM UTC, 17/4 — 1PM UTC, 18/4 (24 hrs)


Kaizen Finance offers cross-chain tools and services for crypto projects, including token generation, vesting schedule automation, bridges, staking, airdrops, and more, all on a no-code basis.

By simplifying the most complex (and confusing) aspects of token offerings for its users, Kaizen Finance is able to generate, issue, and distribute locked tokens with defined vesting schedules, providing smart contract automation for the issuer and transparent transactions for investors through an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface (UI).

Establishing a firm trust in their relationships with projects, Kaizen Finance has launched multiple IDOs with remarkable success — all sold out on Infinity Pad, Solstarter, and especially Red Kite ($400,000 of total raise in 2 hours)!

5 Crypto Industry Problems Countered by Kaizen Finance

#1: Kaizen Finance Lowers the Entry Barrier

Kaizen Finance streamlines the token generation process, automates vesting schedules, and regulates the tokenomics — making the technical aspect of crypto management accessible to non-coding visionaries, simultaneously saving their time and funds.

#2: Cross-Chain Solution Unlocks More Possibilities

Kaizen allows users to work with most of their assets and dApps regardless of the chains they are situated in.

#3: Diversifying the Income Options for Investors with Staking

Long-term investors get generous percentages for their commitment. Kaizen protocol addresses major impediments to manage the price of the token, and regulate supply and demand through attractive prices on secondary sales, airdrops, and staking.

#4: Locked Assets Can Be Put Into Motion

Kaizen introduces collateralized tokens that represent an ownership claim on an underlying asset locked in the Kaizen smart contract. Collateralized tokens are immediately distributed to investor wallets after the purchase of locked tokens. When locked tokens become available for the unlock, collateralized tokens are used to claim these unlocked tokens on Kaizen.

#5: Establishing Ground for Dynamic Fundraising

When projects opt to launch through Kaizen Finance, they take on the privileges mentioned above. Projects get their hands on automated tools for crypto projects to manage their tokenomics, like issuing tokens, automating vesting schedules, scheduling Token Generation Event, holding airdrops, moving tokens from one blockchain to another with cross-chain bridges, embedding the token protection and fair launch, etc.

(Source: https://kaizen.finance/news/5-crypto-industry-problems-countered-by-kaizen-finance)

Backers & Partners


More information in Kaizen Pitchdeck


🔸Launchpad Network: BSC

🔸Distribution Network: BSC

🔸Platform Allocation: $20,000

🔸Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 KZEN

🔸Initial Supply: 3,000,000 KZEN

🔸Initial Market Cap: $120,000

🔸IDO Price: $0.04

🔸Vesting Schedule: 10% unlock at TGE, monthly unlock for 12 months

🔸Currency: USDT/BUSD


🔸Step 1: Stake $SPO

🔸Step 2: Register & KYC

  • To be eligible for IDO participation, you are required to do KYC & fill out the following forms: KaizenFinance IDO Registration
  • Process: Email verification > Identity document > Face match

🔸Step 3: Email Confirmation

  • Upon completing the registration process, you will receive an email confirmation for the KYC.
  • After our whitelist closing time, Spores Network will notify you of your Tier Confirmation at least 12 hours before the sales date.

About Kaizen Finance

Kaizen Finance is a crypto token lifecycle management platform where projects and DAOs can confidently and reliably generate, issue, and manage token offerings using an autonomous full-stack smart-contract authoring Kaizen protocol.

Kaizen Finance Official Channels: Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram Channel | Telegram Group

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