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3 min readMar 1, 2022


Spores Warrior wanted! Be a part of our growing business!

Spores Warriors — Bridge the gap between the real and virtual world 🌎✨

Our founders are embarking on a mission to create a digital ecosystem that focuses on NFT and GameFi projects while emphasizing the importance and value of creators and communities.

To make it happen, we need to have Spores Warriors become our right hand in brand activation and community outreaching within the crypto world.

🔶 Who we are & What we aim to do:

Spores’ mission is to create a GameFi/Metaverse Publisher — incubating, launching (IDO, IGO, INO), and operating NFT stack projects — that is creator-centric, community-driven, and borderless engaging entertainment IP and corporate brands.

Spores Metaverse ecosystem encompasses physical and digital experiences (phygital) that generate community engagement and revenue through our NFT aggregator marketplace, Republique gallery and retail experience, and cross-chain metaverses.

🔶 Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for Spores Warriors who are:

✔️ Crypto & blockchain enthusiasts

✔️ Well-networked individuals

✔️ Resourceful, creative, and self-motivated individuals

✔️ Outstanding verbal and written communication skills

✔️ Ability to deliver engaging presentations

🔶 What Spores Warriors need to do:

  • Find and onboard new potential partners on Spores Marketplace, GameStore, Launchpad
  • Raise funds for Spores’ incubated projects
  • Organize and host meet-ups with fellow crypto-fanatics and local investment communities (if possible)
  • Represent Spores at industry events, conferences, and workshops to drive conversations and create interest with potential industry players (if possible)
  • Acquire and develop trust relationships with industry players including crypto projects, NFTs projects, communities, KOLs, VCs, game guilds
  • Become a product expert and brand ambassador
  • Function as Spores Network community expert — understand programs, activate community conversations, be part of helping build a vibrant community

🔶 What’s in it for you?

Because we’re looking for those who understand Spores vision and are invested in our success, we want our Spores Warriors to share our success too ️🎉️🎉

✔️ Incentives for organizing meet-ups & representing Spores at events

✔️ Huge bonuses for referring successful partnerships

✔️ VIP tier on Spores launchpad

✔️ Opportunity to work directly with our experienced industry leaders

✔️ Exclusive invitations to Spores events and meet-ups and exclusive Spores gifts and merchandise

✔️ Opportunity to join Spores as a full-time employee

Everything is just a form away 📑📑

🔶 How to participate:

  • Step 01: Fill out this Google Form
  • Step 02: Spores will review the application within 7 working days.
  • Step 03: Interview with the Community Manager — Investor Relations
  • Step 04: Interview with CMO

Join our collective. Tell your story. Share our vision, at Spores Official!

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