Introducing PlayZapp: The Skill-Based Gaming Platform Incubated by KuCoin

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4 min readApr 10


Spores Launchpad is thrilled to announce the upcoming IDO launch of PlayZap, the top #1 game on BNB chain consistently for the last 3 months.

🔷Playzap Highlights & Milestones

  • Consistently ranked as the top #1 game on the BNB chain for the past 3 months
  • Successfully launched on on AppStore and GooglePlay, achieved 230k+ total downloads with 80k+ monthly active players
  • Led by seasonal gaming entrepreneurs who have 16+ years of experience working with top publishers like Gameloft, MiniClip. Successfully exited previous gaming venture
  • Incubated & get seed round led by KuCoinLabs — a top global crypto exchange
  • Backed by 15+ leading VCs namely Oddiyana Ventures, DWF Labs, Polka Bridge Ventures, RLY Network, APEX Capital, PrimeBlock Ventures, WEway, Kangaroo Capital, etc.

🔷Playzap Overview

Imagine having access to several casual games in just one hub incubated by Kucoin, and earning rewards while playing them for free!

Every exciting thing in PlayZap is FREE, FREE to download, FREE to play, FREE tournaments. Once player upgrades their skill, PlayZap allows them to play premium tournaments to earn tokens.

🔷Playzap Unique Points

  • Free to Play. Skill to Earn
  • Multi-Gaming APP (unified gaming platform)
  • 10+ quality skill-based games
  • Competitive format. Online tournaments & PvP matches
  • Powered by a single native token ie $PZP

🔷Playzap IDO Timeline

  • VIP Round: 14th Apr, 10:00 am UTC => 15th Apr, 10:00 am UTC (24 hours)
  • Triple Limit Round: 15th Apr, 10 am UTC => 15th Apr, 11:00 am UTC (1 hour)
  • FCFS Round: 15th Apr, 11:00 am UTC => 16th Apr, 11:00 am UTC (24 hours)

🔷Playzap IDO Details

  • Token Name: PLAYZAP
  • Token Symbol (Ticker): PZP
  • Chain: BNB Chain
  • Initial Supply: 4,052,000 PZP
  • Initial MCap (Excluding Liquidity): $486,000
  • Total Supply: 150,000,000 PZP
  • Fully Diluted Value: $18,000,000
  • TGE Date: 19th April 2023
  • IDO price: $0.12
  • Initial Liquidity Locked Amount in USD: $348,000
  • Vesting Schedule for Public Round: 20% TGE, cliff 1 month, later linear vesting over 6 months

🔷How to Join the Playzap IDO

  • Step 1: Register for the IDO To be eligible for IDO participation, please click this link:
  • Step 2: Receive Email Confirmation After the whitelist closing time, Spores Network will notify you of your Tier Confirmation at least 12 hours before the sale.

🔷Playzap Partners & Backers

PlayZap is backed by marquee investors who have been active in the blockchain and gamefi space for years. Over 25+ VCs & angel investors invested in PlayZap across seed and private rounds, namely KuCoin Labs, Arcanum Capital, Oddiyana Ventures, Prime Block Ventures (MEXC), DWF Labs, WeWay, PolkaBridge Ventures, Whitelist Ventures, Synapse Network, Kangaroo Capital, SkyGuardians Capital, DAV Digitized Asset Valley, Aza Ventures, Apex Digital VC, Gains Associate.

🔷Playzap Tokenomic

The PZP token is an in-game utility token, empowering the PlayZap ecosystem to unlock the true potential of the game economy where our players are the true owner.

🔷Playzap Roadmap

Project Official links:

Twitter | Official Telegram Group | Official Announcement Channel | Discord | Medium |

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