IDO Launchpad 101: Formula of a Good Launchpad

  • Project A: $100,000 allocation, ATH ROI 20x, current ROI 10x
  • Project B: $10,000 allocation, ATH ROI 1x, current ROI 0.2x
  • ATH ROI = (20 + 1) ÷ 2 = 10.5x
  • Current ROI = (10 + 0.2) ÷ 2 = 5.1x
  1. We conduct thorough research and strict due diligence before accepting a project to IDO on Spores launchpad in order to secure decent ROI performance. (if just look at the current ROI, Spores rank at top 3 performance)
  2. Given the amount of allocation we get for our community, the relative amount of allocation per cost of staking of Spores is highly competitive.
  3. The Spores tier system is designed to benefit our customers with low barrier entry, but significant allocation can be accessed.



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