AMA RECAP — Spores Network x Crypto Stalkers

🗓 Date: 17 AUGUST 2021

⏰ Time: 2 PM UTC

🏡 Venue: @theceyptostalkers

🤵Guest Speaker: Eric Nguyen — CEO

Jaffer Ijaz :

Welcome Again! Let’s start this session with your and your team’s introduction. Please enrich our community with your experience :)

Eric Hung Nguyen :

My name is Eric, CEO and Co-founder of Spores Network, Asia-premier NFT marketplace. I’ve worked extensively in the field of Investment and Trading. I started working on the Trading Desk at the largest Japanese Investment Bank — Nomura in London, trading a book of over 300m USD of high yield and distressed credit for 5 years.

Later, I moved to Elliot Management, one of the world's largest hedge funds with over $70bn AUM where I was senior investment analyst overseeing a portfolio of over $2bn. I joined the cryptocurrency space in early 2017, and actively invested and advised in many early-stage blockchain projects.

Duc, my cofounder comes from an edtech, proptech, and marketplace. He built and sold an Edtech startup in Hong Kong to Bain Capital Private Equity China and then took the parent company public on Nasdaq in 2017 for over $1 billion valuations.

For the last two years, he’s moved back to his homeland of Vietnam to build the country. He served as COO of Propzy, a proptech play, where he helped raise $25 million from Softbank Ventures Asia, Gaw Capital, and Insignia Ventures.

Soon he was poached by One Mount Group’s venture OneHousing to lead strategy and operations as COO, looking to scale another proptech play with backing by Vietnam’s top two billionaires of Real Estate and Banking. He’s a contributor writer for Vietcetera, Tech in Asia, and keynote speaker in Edtech, Proptech, and now Crypto.

We met during our time working at the Proptech and decided that Blockchain and NFTs are our true passion and started Spores together

Jaffer ijaz :

2: Please give brief introduction about “Spores Network

Eric Hung Nguyen :

Spores is an Asia-premier NFT marketplace with supported De-Fi & Interoperability Tools, we aim to be the hub of decentralized pop culture

We as co-founders of Spores believe in a future digital metaverse being built today that will revolutionize our thoughts and behavior with respect to living, owning, sharing our physical and digital lives.

Spores seeks to empower creators to create, exchange, and communicate their life’s work. We believe in a future that is creator centricity, frictionless, borderless, community-driven and we want to be at the epicenter as an ecosystem with a marketplace, de-fi tools, and venture fund that seeks to create value through project funding and support for our community.

Jaffer ijaz :

3: How many industries you’re targeting in NFT Marketplace? Let us know how you’re different from your competitors?

Eric Hung Nguyen:

Spores is a NFT marketplace with Defi and cross-chain features, our focus is bringing awesome content and IPs onto our platform as NFTs

We choose to be primarily Asian-centric and is willing to focus on and promote industries with heavy Asian participation such as:

1.Digital Fine Art — we are bringing back elements of the gallery experience and focusing on upper-mid-end to high-end price points. Our curated artists will have had a solid reputation in the digital art or the commercial art world.

2. Gaming — we want to be the number one marketplace for in-game items and in-game digital art for blockchain and traditional games, where gamers of all games can trade their collectibles.

3.Animation/Anime — we are huge fans of animation and anime and look to work with legends and top animators to NFT publish their archives, new works, or even commission works/projects that Spores will own and self-publish.

4. Celebrity — Film/TV/Music are a cultural intersection that NFTs will revolutionize. We will work with celebrities, influencers, musicians, movie studios, and music publishers to NFT archival music as well as the newest releases. Hollywood, Bollywood, China Media, K-Pop, we’re all in.

📣Spores Network is thrilled to announce our collaboration with artist, designer, and curator, Jasper Wong.

Jasper Wong is best known for his art that is a unique clash of Asian-influenced pop culture. Jasper has exhibited worldwide, in places such as Japan, California, France, London, Mexico, New York, Hong Kong, Chicago, and Australia. Jasper Wong lives and breathes art, and will enrich Spores’ portfolio by bringing his vision and artistry from the physical world to the metaverse with his upcoming NFT drop on the Spores marketplace.

🔸Read more on how Jasper Wong will enrich Spores’ portfolio with his upcoming NFT drop on the Spores marketplace:

📣 Digital Art Partnership

Did you see our latest partnership with legendary game designer American McGee?

He will launch his Plushie Dreadful line of plush dolls into #NFT digital collectibles on Spores #NFTMarketplace!

Jaffer ijaz :

4: Please share tokenomics and roadmap.

Eric Hung Nguyen :

Our full tokenomics and roadmap are disclosed on our website:, please feel free to check it out. We are now listed on Uniswap, currently trading at 16x IDO price

🎉🎉 Spores Network is now listed on Uniswap!! 🎉🎉

🔸Trading Pair: SPO/ETH

🔸Dex Tool Link:

🔸Defined SPO/WETH:

🔸Chartex SPO/WETH:

🔸Uniswap (V2) Pool SPO/ETH

🔸Spores Token Contract:

⚠️Make sure to use only the above $SPO contracts!

Jaffer Ijaz :

5: Is there any Ambassadorial program for Crypto Enthusiasts to help Spores Network? Have you plan to boost community efforts?

Eric Hung Nguyen :

We’re excited to announce that we’re finally ready to take our Spores Army to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

Introducing… Spores Warriors — Builders of the new digital world

As a Spores Warrior, you will be the voice, the advocate for a decentralized, frictionless, borderless, and people-centric future with the decentralization of ownership and freedom redistribution of capital.

Read more about the Spores Ambassador Program here:

Some come and join us, it will be a very exciting journey!


Jaffer Ijaz :

6: An important feature on your platform called the “Gamified Royalty sharing” caught my attention, could you please explain how this feature will add value to your market place and how artists can benefit from this feature?

Eric Hung Nguyen:

Basically with NFTs, artists can now receive a second stream of royalty from secondary sales of their NFTs. So say someone trade their NFTs on the secondary market for 1000 usd, they can get 10% — 100usd. Now we want to put another spin on top and let artists to be able to capitalise on these and communities can also participate and support the artists they love based on this stream of royalty. The details of how this mechanism work we will unveil when it is ready.

Jaffer ijaz :

7: Among the key features that I read about the Spores Network ecosystem I saw that they plan to run a very complete Multistring Oprabilidad, which is great, but, which Blockchains have planned to expand or at least by the end of 2021 which networks will be supporting?

Eric Hung Nguyen:

Spores is planning to provide its services on multiple chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Cardano, Polygon, Chainlink, etc. We are especially excited with the Cardano smartcontract platform launching, which we aim to build on, once its released, with low fees, high throughput and greener blockchain footprint, we believe that Cardano will be amongst the key player to bring Defi and NFT to the mass!

Jaffer ijaz :

8: Strategic partnerships are critical in the longrun of a project. Spores Network have partnerd with legendary game designer @americanmcgee.What do you think are the benefits from this collaboration?What is the next big thing,expected from the project?

Eric Hung Nguyen:

American Mcgee is a legend in the gaming industry, he is the game designer behind Doom 2, Quake and Quake 2. He is most well-known as the creator of American Mcgee’s Alice, a game released by EA, that defined a genre. Working with top creator like this is amazing, supporting and spreading his arts and creation to the world is something that we are very proud of

American will be dropping his collection of “Plushie Dreadful” with us, which is a collection of bunny plushies NFT, with horror back stories, fairy tales + horror, very cool!

Jaffer ijaz :

9: There are tons of new projects coming in market daily. How @Spores is unique and better? How you will convince investors to be part of your journey for long term?

Eric Hung Nguyen:

I am sure the communities have seen a fair number of NFT marketplace around. We believe one of the key differentiator will be content, “content is king”.

Our strengths come from our business network that enables us to bring large mainstream IP to our platform. Especially from the NFT side, content like digital art, gaming, animation, celebrity, and e-sports are fertile ground that NFTs haven’t really scratched the surface yet.

With major hire like Allen Dam (executive producer of Expendable 4 and Rambo 5’s movie), our Chief Content Officer that will put us in close conversation with many major IP/Franchises to bring onto our platform as NFTs.

On digital art front, we have Jeffrey Lee — our Chief Art Curator who is in charge of finding the many beautiful gems for digital fine art. In addition, Spores envisions to bring every blockchain games to our platform.

Spores Marketplace will be the hub for Entertainment & Culture.

We have announced a new Chief Content Officer — Mr. Allen Dam.

Allen is a veteran hollywood producer that has over 20 years track records and extensive network in the entertainment industry that dated back years.

Allen is the executive producer of the upcoming major AAA titles including Expendable 4, Rambo 5 featuring Sylvester Stallone and Lamborghini featuring Alec Baldwin. ✨With Allen onboard, we aim to bring major title content and IPs to the NFT world!

🔸Want to know more about Allen’s Hollywood career? Read now:

🔸More on IMDB:

📣 We are proud to introduce Jeffrey Lee — Spores Network’s Chief Art Curator

🔸Read all about Jeffrey and his incredible journey in the world of fine art:

Jaffer ijaz :

10: In mid August Spores Ambassador Program is coming. Can you tell us what criteria does one must possess in order to become Spores Ambassador? What duties & role does Spore Ambassador should do to the community?

Eric Hung Nguyen:

At Spores Network, we have a fundamental belief that anyone can be an “influencer,” as long as you are a believer of our project and our vision.

So if you are:
✔️ Knowledgable about the cryptoverse
✔️ Understands Spores vision and mission
✔️ Community-centric
✔️ Have a passion for creativity & content creatio
✔️ Wanting to be a part of the Spores journey, not just as an investor, but also as a believer and advocate

We have many roles and responsiblities for our ambassadors to support including: content creation, community management, social media, platform testing,… So if you’re interested, please fill out this form to apply for the Spores Ambassador Program:

We have Open Registration from August 16th to August 27th !


Jingregg :

What are plans in for global expansion? Are Spores Network focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

Eric Hung Nguyen :

We are planning to focusing on Asia, we have already got Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Philippino language group up and running, total of about 4000 members. We are also spending big in marketing budget to expand further into China and Korea over the next 6 months which I think will be a large market for us. And of course as we expand into those market we will bring contents and IPs that make sense for those markets

Edyhead 🌐 :

I saw on the #SporesNetwork official TG group, it just introduces The Spores Ambassador Program, and I’ve read the details on Medium. But, I wonder, if there are any material benefits that can be obtained by the Ambassadors? is it possible to get $SPO by becoming an Ambassador?

Eric Hung Nguyen :

Yes you get SPO and NFT airdrops as gift from us. However, we want our ambassador to be motivated not just by financial reward but also that they share the same vision as us and would like to part of the team to take this journey to its goal !

Jingregg :

What is so special about Spores Network compared to other projects? Can you give some reasons to convince users to choose Spores Network ?

Eric Hung Nguyen :

As we discussed before, we believe that content is king and we want to bring awesome contents and IPs to our platform as NFTs, those contents will be the key differentiator between us and other NFT marketplace

BigKid_Icarus :

I would like to know if you’ve completed any security audits? What measures have been taken to protect Spores Network community from it?

Eric Hung Nguyen :

Yes we have completed security audit with Certik, you can see the report here

📣We are proud to ANN that our #CertiK audit is successful!

In-depth code audit of Spores ran from June 17th to July 27th, and was completed right before our Public-IDO on July 28th!

🔸Learn more:

🔸CertiK Audit:

жорик — Iron Man :

What is Spores Network strongest advantage that you think will make it leading the market?

Eric Hung Nguyen :

We believe that content is king, with our extensive network and very talented group of people that are working together with us, we will be able to bring awesome IP and content that the community will get super excited about

Thank you guys for your warm support today! Please jump over to our community, we have an exciting journey ahead and this is just the start, we have many more exciting things to share with you all in days to come

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