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Asia’s Premier NFT Marketplace with supported De-Fi & Interoperability Tools Spores Labs deeply believes that a digital “metaverse” is being built today that will revolutionize our thoughts and behavior with respect to living, owning, sharing our physical and digital lives. Spores seeks to empower creators to create, exchange, and communicate their life’s work, enabling the decentralization of ownership and frictionless redistribution of capital. Spores token sale is being launched by Spores Labs. Check us out now! https://spores.app/ Polkastarter is the only place to buy SPO tokens for the duration of the token sale, which runs through March 31. Any other platform claiming to sell SPO tokens is not legitimate and should not be trusted. This includes any Telegram groups that are not listed on the pinned message in our main Telegram channel https://t.me/sporesofficial It is also worth noting that the Spores Labs and Polkastarter will never reach out to you offering to sell SPO in a direct message or ask for funds. The only way to participate in our public token sale is by visiting the Spores token sale page on the Polkastarter website https://www.polkastarter.com/ For more information about Spores Labs, the company that developed the Spores Marketplace, go to https://spores.app and visit our official Telegram announcement channel at https://t.me/sporesofficial

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