Update on Allocation and Circulating Supply

As you may know, in order to build an entire ecosystem, Spores Network issues an ERC-20 token for community governance and DeFi-utilization on the platform. The token, namely, Spores (ticker symbol SPO), is designed to be NFT-creator-centric and DeFi-community-driven, a great way to incentivize all contributors and participants.

Partnership Announcement

Spores Network is excited to announce that Starry Night Capital, the $100M NFT fund partnering with pseudonymous NFT collector @Vince_Van_Dough, will exhibit the fund’s most distinguished NFT pieces from their 30M collection on République.

Dedicated to collecting high-end NFTs, the fund recently made headlines for acquiring Ringers 879, nicknamed ‘The…

Below is a recap of our AMA with Eddy Lim — Animalia CEO & Co-Founder. As you will see in the highlights transcript below, we had an active and dynamic conversation. We thank the community for such a great turnout and active participation.

📌 Some Of The Most Remarkable Questions 📌

Q: Let’s start. Eddy, can you tell…

This December, brace yourself for the launch of Founders Edition NFTitans from Spores Network x Animalia!

With regard to Animalia, this fast-paced turn-based strategy card game should never fail to astonish you with its immersive gameplay, enthralling storyline, and diversified ecosystem experience, including meme-inspired critters, crypto-based gemstones, special weapons, trading…

Spores Network

A full-stack, cross-chain interoperable NFT-DeFi platform. Learn more at https://spores.app

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