Update on Allocation and Circulating Supply

As you may know, in order to build an entire ecosystem, Spores Network issues an ERC-20 token for community governance and DeFi-utilization on the platform. The token, namely, Spores (ticker symbol SPO), is designed to be NFT-creator-centric and DeFi-community-driven, a great way to incentivize all contributors and participants.

Community Update

At Spores, we’re committed to support and foster growth within the blockchain community. As part of our grand effort to be a cross-chain marketplace, we’re actively working to build on the Cardano ecosystem. On October 1st, we announced our Cardano Challenge: building an NFT marketplace on Cardano platform.

Fantasy Land Sale will go live on Thursday, 11/11 2 AM UTC

Ready to start your mystical adventure, Heroes?

Everything you need to know about our Fantasy Land Sale is here 🌎🌒

Participants must fill out the PolkaFantasy Form of Interest in order to be whitelisted and qualified for VIP Private Sale. …

Spores Network

A full-stack, cross-chain interoperable NFT-DeFi platform. Learn more at https://spores.app

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